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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 22, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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allegations of abuse of autistic children and a clover elementary school. the steps the district is taking to address parents concerns. >> for police officers honored for going above and beyond the call of duty after a disturbance call ticket terrifying turn and put one of there in the hospital. and we'll take you out to the local horse rescue that is stepping in to help out after hundreds of animals were seized in a massive cruelty case. thank you for joining us on kayla ayres in the fox 46 studio. bill: elma lujan junior from clover where there might be a time is coming out of clover school district. before tonight the school board meeting kicked off the district headquarters said district headquarters said the chances of them at with the district superintendent. he told me as a result of all the fallout from my investigative report detailing the abuse about cystic children at lauren elementary school he
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installed in clover spooled their school district special-education questions in the future. he said he is to do research first but he believes he will have a recommendation to get to the school board before the start of the next school year. >> at last month's school board meeting we had a number of parents speak to us about concerns they had about our special ed program and a number of parents requested specifically who put cameras in the classrooms. >> he tells me he wants to make a crystal-clear look clover school district heard the request for cameras and now they're acting on it. >> we researched it and i've learned some things. bill: we were at the school board meeting in february when several parents spoke out days before our investigative report aired. >> as we reported ro been records or question the seeing a student left on the
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looked out of the chair and students left in dark bathrooms and closets and a special education class at lauren elementary school in february of 2014. clover school district concluded there was no mistreatment of students and what they and what they'd sober isolated snapshots of teaching methods and employees were given more training. at monday night's school board meeting the district revealed some of their research over the past month regarding cameras in special education classrooms. the funding part is not an issue for clover. the issue is privacy and individual student rights. if we were to put cameras in special ed classrooms and digital tape would have access to it. bill: despite these questions he feels there's a natural movement towards these of cameras and while he feels the district handled abuse investigation correctly some good can come from all the fallout. >> i see both sides.
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i think it's more cameras are coming. i think it's our society as a whole so my guess is that some point we will have them in the clover school district. bill: p. also told me he is welcome of district faculty members about the possibility this cameras going inside the classrooms. he said the teachers are split on the issue. on the one hand some of them feel they do not want to because would make it look like the district doesn't trust them and the district district is no confidence in them but on the other hand he said there are some teachers who would welcome the cameras with open arms. that's because they say they feel like they're great at their job and they have nothing to worry about in the cameras would protect them from false accusations. for right now he says there's a whole lot of reasons it has to be done in the district will hopefully make a decision in the next few months.
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melugin fox 46 wjzy. kayla: the superintendent says he will report back at next month's board meeting and is hoping to send the district's lawyer to the school board summit where cameras are one of the topics. we have breaking news comin into our newsroom from mecklenburg county health department announced two to confirm cases of mumps from students at unc charlotte and another probable case since february 29. health officials say it's important to wash your hands and pay attention if you think you are exhibiting any symptoms associated with the mumps. most students are required to have two doses of the mumps vaccine. developing is coming from the lieutenant governor pleading out late this afternoon quote the general assembly will hold a special session to stop radical charlotte bathroom ordinance wednesday at 10:00 a.m. end quote. the session came together after many who oppose the passing of the ordinance banded together and protest.
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senate -- have received the necessary signatures from the general assembly to call himself back into session. nothing changes the ordinance will go in effect april 1. do a fox 46 follow-up all employees of rowan county animal shelter been clear from any wrongdoing where cats jaw was broken. the cat named cooper had had multiple surgeries to fix his job. accounting control officer was put on paid leave because of this incident. the cats injuries were discovered when a woman who runs a cat rescue group went to pick up cooper from animal shelter. days later rowan county began working on consolidating the rowan county nature center and animal control. bob pendergrast will lead a department of rowan county animal services. these four divisions will be the nature center veterinarian services animal enforcement and shelter management. accounting manager believes the restructuring will get staff more support and access to
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improving the care animals received. these changes went into effect today. an uptown today protesters staged a die in outside the duke energy building making reference to what they call a continued conflict of interes between governor pat mccrory and duke regarding that duke energy's coal ash basins. they say that the relationship is putting hundreds of homeowners at risk. families in belmont have been living on bottled water per year because the state said their private well water was not safe. the state came back and said the water is all right to drink. >> , and retest our waters. you need to, give me peace of mind that it's going to be completely healthy for my son and myself and my neighbors and my friends. >> the facts are a lot of science and engineering has been done and it demonstrates the coal ash basins are not impacting neighbors wells. kayla: some of those affected by
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out before state officials during a public hearing on the risk classifications of these coal ash basins. the meeting and gaston county will be held in the meyers auditorium at aston college k. dallas campus at 6:00 p.m.. at this hour the discussion continues regarding controversial plans to build a new costco retail center in mooresville. town commissioner started meeting at seven tonight and as of news time they had still not taken about. as part of the proposal a developer wants to build a store at the intersection of tolbert and probably school roads. it's a shopping center that would take up order one acres and includes a number of stores. some people live in the area are fighting the plans because they are concerned it will just bring more traffic to the area. in union county board of education leaders have started planning for the future one that will include a new superintendent. this morning the school board named michelle morris as the interim head page will move into
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superintendent dr. mary ellis steps down first. the school board voted this morning to stop taking applications for a new superintendent on may 17. nauert update the deadly wreck we told you about at 6:00. we now know the 10-year-old boy involved in the accident has passed away from his injuries. this happened at the intersection of east village drive an old pageland hoffman role. highway patrol said richard lewis moss crossed the centerline lighting with an suv. moss died in a crash. troopers say a man and three children in the stb were injured including a 10-year-old boy who died. a man into girls remain in the hospital several broken bones. people living and working one area plaza midwood say something is to be done to fix what they see as a dangerous intersection. in just about 30 minutes this
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half a dozen people darting across traffic onto blatman near clement avenue. the problem is there is no crosswalk and residents tell us it's not safe if you're you are traveling on foot or by car. >> i think it's dangerous because the simple fact that there are so many cars coming and going in there is nobody there like a police officer to stop them. people that are going straight won't let the people coming out to the highway, they won't let them come out. >> there are plans to make safety upgrades. charlotte d.o.t. tells us they are going to add a traffic signal and install crosswalks at the intersection but it will be about a year before construction starts. city leaders are considering the future of several development projects tonight. one of those projects includes rezoning a portion of the eastland mall site in a charlotte. councilmembers are considering a proposal to rezone the site to allow single-family homes in the area.
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old mall site that will rejuvenate the area. city council approved a plan to knock down the sharon united church sit-in southtown. that includes apartments in a hotel as well as restaurants and shopping. while sharon united methodist church will be torn down and new church will be built. developers presented their plans for development in charlotte elizabeth neighborhood. they want to build new apartments and retail on jacqueline jax off of seventh street plan for the two-acre site canceled last fall. four officers and cornelius are being honored after one of their own was hit with a bullet. ashlee mcgeehan spoke with the lieutenant who said he may not be here for wasn't for his colleagues. she is joining us live in the studio with her story. >> being part of the forces like a family that last may shooting involving one of their own made-up bond. the cornelius police department.
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for their service that night. on may 2, 2015 cornelius police officers responded to a call for service one that would change the department forever. >> it's a dangerous situation. lieutenant james quattlebaum was was -- when he was shot in the abdomen by 16-year-old. the officer returned fire. >> his actions are the reason he and i are still here. two other officers from -- buying into action. now the town of cornelius is recognizing all four officers for their service. >> it was wonderful to have the support. by the chief said the outpouring
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each worked -- received medals of honor for their work. the department honoring lieutenant wattle bomb -- quattlebaum. >> it brings back a lot of memories. i think it's very good thing for my family. >> lieutenant quattlebaum said every call is dangerous in every situation can be dangerous and he believes they were prepared that day. the team who fired -- the teen was wearing a polo proof vest at the time the shooting spacing attempted murder charges. kayla: officer heinz was voted off as voted off the studio by his peers and 2015. >> they are not dangerous that they don't trust. and i want these animals to kill comparable. kayla: won the largest seizures of animals one national
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hundreds of animals are now being rehabbed here in our viewing area area. we will have that story a little bit later but first teamwork makes the dream work. today two big-time fan favorites join forces to help kids with the abcs of anti-bullying. we will take you there when box 46 continues. >> the temperatures have a long
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the good news. >> good evening, welcome back. it was cold last night in office who's going to be even colder tonight. we have a freeze warning extending beyond the mountains into the piedmont including york in mecklenburg county. received low temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. this last from midnight until 9:00 a.m. in the morning. you will need that coat late into the morning. the good news is as we get closer to the afternoon temperature should rebound quickly. temperatures are currently in the 30s and 40s and gastonia looking the best that we have a bit of a windchill in the area. it's not big the temperatures at the freezing mark in both insurers and 40s across most of the area and chester in lancaster in the upper 30s
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it cools tonight but as you move gas -- get up and moving tomorrow mainly freezing temperatures. we will see a few spots above freezing. charlotte should be barely above with gastonia and wadesboro but everybody else is freezing tonight. keep in mind temperatures did warm today at 57. that's 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. we have these two nights were receiving near freezing or freezing temperatures across the area and the good news is we will begin to warm as we get into tomorrow. for the next several days lots of sunshine and the problem is we have pipeline whether which means we will see gusty conditions over the next couple of days. sitting on the wrong side of the jet stream. that allows the cold canadian air to sneak in so we we are feeling the effects.
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south of us but we see this warmer air across the midsection in the southern section of the area beginning to drift. we will show you why 10 minutes from now. tonight we landed 33 degrees here and there is good news over the next few days. inexorable afternoons tomorrow we warm 10 degrees to 66 another 10 on wednesday and 74. we will be there again on thursday but we will see rain chances moving in towards the weekend and we will show you that in 10 minutes from now. kayla: playoff fever is hitting hornets fans hard. why today was a huge day for fans hoping to score tickets. that story when we return. >> history made in havana cuba is a sitting u.s. president comes to the island for the
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i'm kevin co pulte mania is sweeping
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day for the city is as any die-hard fan will tell you. single-game tickets for the first in the nba playoffs one on sale at 10:00 a.m.. the main focus tickets for the first three potential home games of the best-of-seven series. fans can't help but take a moment to talk up their team. >> i love the team. they sailed the right things after games. their summit under watch. you would like to see them see how close their games are but i love seeing them win. kayla: playoff opponents of dates and times aren't set yet. that won't happen until the end of the regular season. it was annexed a special day for kids at the ymca. today linebacker thomas davis along with the harlem will truthers buckets blakes met with them to talk about the abcs of bullying prevention.
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for some honorary ambassador of goodwill for his work with the thomas davis defending dreams foundation in honor of all he has done for the community the globetrotters are donating 90 tickets and davis named to underprivileged youth in charlotte so they can catch the globetrotters in action at holden arena. >> coming from to professional athletes as far as bullying goes we can share that with kids and it gives them someone not only to look up to best help them with their situation. they wouldn't be a globetrotter gathering without them teaching the crowd and davis and ms. in case you didn't know in addition to their skills on the hardwood the globetrotters are known to many as the original ambassadors of goodwill. if you'd like to check out the globetrotters they will be at unc charlotte houlton arena this saturday march 26 at 7:00 p.m..
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90th anniversary. the story that's due at 10, for apple small is the new big. apple is downsizing some of its popular products to beef up sales ahead of the companies court hearing with the fbi tuesday. ceo tim cook until the new orange iphone fc. has many good features in the larger iphone including a 12 megapixel camera and faster processor for $4. apple which is suffering from slowing iphone sales aims to sell it to first-time customers are those who have resisted up rating writing to newer models. also getting downsized and new and mitre ipad with a smaller 9.7-inch screen. president obama says this is a new day between cuba and the u.s. but both he and cuban leader role castro at get theirs significant issue still standing in the way of better relations between their countries.
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his historic trip and reports from a banned. >> an overcast and blustery day the winds have changed in cuba. as president obama and cuban president raul castro make history to coming the first heads of state for the- neighboring countries to meet on cuban soil in 88 years. >> this is a new day between our two countries. >> and a day years in the making. the u.s. overture comes as the differences retain the nations remain -- a protest ahead of the meetings underscoring the major differences in the way each government use political speech and human rights. >> what country complies with them all, do you know how many?
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>> by contrasting viewpoints that will only get worse with u.s. engagement. >> role castro said we will not change one bit access of this establishment of relations. the obama -- and ordination with the treasury and commerce department the administration has lacked restrictions allowing business licenses and travel to the island. a cold war thaw that could have unintended consequences say experts. >> here is this godforsaken aisle -- island. we should enforce them to give people their rights. reporter: in tuesday the president expected to speak to the cuban people at a speech we expect will be carried live on
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president will make his remarks to the american people and particularly the cuban-american committee were there has been a great deal of skepticism of the recent diplomatic warming. traveling with the president in havana kevin corke "fox news." kayla: local horse rescue has seen some pretty horrific cases of animal cruelty. now it's helping out some horses seized in one ofof the largest rescues a national group has ever seen. that story is coming right up. >> hey kayla. we have cool temperatures
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they are warming up what we will (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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kayla: recapping our top stories clover school district officials met to talk about the possibility of putting cameras in special education classrooms. the school board presented a slide show on how cameras have worked in other districts. this is a result of the fallout from our "fox 46 news" investigative report detailing allegations of the abuse of autistic children at larne elementary two years ago. after that story aired angry parents to the school board they want cameras in the classrooms in the district said they would look into it. charlotte city cououil approved a plan to knock down the sharon united methodist church seidin south park for new development. the plan includes new apartments and hotel as well as restaurants and shopping.
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church would be built. the town of cornelius honored for police officers tonight for their bravery during in an officer shooting. this happened last may at home. the lieutenant james quattlebaum was responding to a service called when you shot. investigators say 16-year-old greyson ferrell shot at the officers. four officers were recognized in their actions for going above and beyond the call of duty. record number of animals seized in charges of abuse crashing down. all sorts of animals, dogs, cats and horses involved and right now some of those horses are being rehabilitated here in our viewing area. in a story you only see on fox 46 david sentendrey introduces us to the woman who will help
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>> it's hard not to smile when you see the horses at carolina equine rescue and assistance but as you can see from this picture the circumstances are not always pretty. the bigger horse you see just gave worth. the little one less than two days old at the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals says they were part of one of the largest seizures of animals they have seen in over a century. nearly 600 animals. dogs, cats and horses seized out of all places and animal shelter in north carolina. now a 67-year-old steven spirit and 59 world lyndon speier are charged with cruelty to animals. >> i've been doing this for so long and this is only the second time i've broken down with that many ardent -- animals.
1:33 am
handful of the horses being rescued. it's a job she's been doing all her life. >> i didn't realize how much abuse in the niquette there were horses. >> you get take months or years for an abuse forced to trust a human again but it can happen and it's a mission to rescue is taking in stride. it's easy to see how protective this mother horse is of her newborn keeping pace every step of the way. >> they are not dangerous but they don't trust and i want these animals to feel comparable and know that they can trust humans. >> and even though kendall has a barn full of plenty of bills to pay she says she can turn away the chance to help these horses gallop or word. and union county david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. the aspca not only were some of these animals extremely malnourished but some were
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were not being treated. that's when the number of complaints were filed. if you want to help with local rescue and recovery mission we will tell you howell on our facebook page after the show. bill: in case you missed it yesterday was the first day of spring so naturally that's when we got so cold. we are back in the 47 mark and on her way into the 30s tonight like you do see freezing temperatures in much of the area and charlotte awfully close. the wind out of the northwest at seven but it was gusty at times, gusting up to 18 and 20 miles an hour. we are goioi to see simmering chances this week but the good news is it will happen over the next couple of days. we will take the rest of the night tuesday and wednesday off. we will start to see a chance of rain on thursday. right now the chance is light but it gets heavier into thursday night in friday
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dip down to 30% on saturday 40% on sunday. that may adjust as we get closer to the time that the thing we are going to be focusing on between now and then will be the winds. we will continue to seek good pipeline weathers if you want to get up in the action hours and take advantage of it that's when we'll see the heaviest wind speeds. let me show you would look like as we get into wednesday. it will search a pickup plate in the morning and lasted the afternoon hours. we are looking at wind speeds and attended -- teens to 20s. tomorrow we could see gusts up to 20 miles an hour and charlotte and continue strongly to thursday as well. 25 miles an hour so definitely an issue here. if you are an allergy sufferer we have brain that help to
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little bit but it's picking up tomorrow. we are high tomorrow and up above 11 wednesday juniper oak and poplar if you struggle with those those will be the three over the next few days. here's the good news. warm air is moving in as we head into the tomorrow high-pressure system off to the south and east of us. that will make the winds come from the south blowing in warm air. the area until we get into thursday. at this point it does look like it will move relatively late into the game but we will see opportunities to stay in the overnight hours. hee's a hours. here's a look at. here's a look at fixed in the forecast rate will jump in the mid-70s wednesday and thursday rain chances thursday night into monday zocala right now the easter bunny could get rained on.
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inside the house instead of out. kayla: that's good information at the easter bunny needs to know. scary moments have said about town this afternoon where firefighters is funded to building on north church street around 2:30. we are told the fire started inside the furnace and firefighters had it under control in 15 minutes. we are told that two workers had to be evaluated by a medic and we are continuing to monitor developing story out of monroe where police did your help identifying the person seen in the surveillance videos. they say this man went into the first citizens bank on roosevelt boulevard around 11:30 this morning and in and out of the teller demanding money. authorities say no weapon was shown that the note did indicate there was a weapon. the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of money and left in a car. if you have any information in this case are you recognize this person you are urged to contact the lease or crime stoppers. tonight a man is behind bars with no bail set after police
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murder. brian ward is being held in the cabarrus county jail. police say shot and killed columbus simmons on march 14 to if there is a motive in the us. tonight cmpd's investigation into an early morning robbery on park road to the east woodlawn road intersection continues. police tell "fox 46 news" happened around 330 this morning at the kangaroo express gas station. police say the suspect robbed a store and the clerk was not injured but if you have any information that could help solve the case you're urged to call crime stoppers. trouble at the top. there's work tonight north carolina republican party chairman has been reprimanded in his duties restricted after gop committee accused him of overstepping his authority. the "associated press" is reporting the gop central committee has now voted to censure a son harned with a no
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fox 46 learned that decision was related to the party's upcoming convention. harnett was elected the state first black chairman last june. sunday's resolution alleged he wrongly acted on personnel decisions and attempted to remove party leaders. harnett has declined to comment. the s. -- ncdot numbers are out. independent reports 15 traffic circles has been built in the states apartheid officials told the newspaper there's versus 74% reduction in total crashes, 60% of crashes with injuries and 100% rent the action and the number of fatal crashes in traffic circles are used in place of standard intersections. gastonia police are asking for your help in finding a missing woman. 49-year-old michelle hill
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from last tuesday. officials say she went to a doctor's appointment was seen getting into a white passenger car. friends and family say she suffers from a medical condition. hill is described as 5 feet 8 inches, 178 pounds and was last seen wearing blue jeans and a pusher with her in a ponytail. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact crime stoppers. a controversial proposal in harrisburg will be up for discussion tomorrow. we have been following this story for months. they want to rezone more than 130 acres along mulberry road. that same road is where the company wanted to build a rock quarry last fall. those living in the area fight against the proposed mind and the developer ended up pulling the plants that now the developer wants area resound to allow an industrial park to be built. the harrisburg planning board will meet tomorrow night to reconsider a new rezoning request for the land. of the hospital after being
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this happened this morning in the booking area of the county jail. police say the suspect reached for a gun in the back of his pants after the officer unlocked his handcuffs by the suspect and the officer struggled over the gun which fired once gracing the officer's abdomen. now an update to a story we have been following out of michigan. governor rick snyder made the announcement today their plans to fix the plant water crisis. a conference of action plan to help resolve the water. that plan includes replacing drinking water pictures lead service lines boosting resources in developing mortgage options for the city. you're hoping to one day carrier concealed handgun into a government building he may be waiting a long time that the supreme court announced it will not hear dispute over u.s. postal service regulation that bans guns from post office property and adjacent parking
1:42 am
the justices left an appeals court ruling that said the 2nd amendment right to bear arms does not extend to government buildings or the parking area sister and predicates about the colorado president who has a permit to carry a concealed handgun. he sought a court order striking down the regulation after learning he would be prosecuted for carrying his gun while picking up now at his local post office or leaving it in his car. when it comes to the housing market it's about that time first ring homes to go on the market but according to new data or maybe a shortage of homes available to buy. u.s. home sales suffered a steep drop off in february. the national association of realtors says sales of existing homes fell 7.1% to the decline follows robust yearly sales rate of 5.47 million in january and 4.5 for million in december of the new regulation delay closings in november.
1:43 am
210,000800 in february. that's a 4.4% annual increase. as the back-and-forth continues between apple and samsung theirs were today the supreme court now plans to step in. this is according to the "associated press" radar earlier today justices said they will review a 399 million-dollar judgment against south korea-based samsung for illegally copying tentative aspects of apple's iphone to the companies have been locked in patent fights for years. the justices will reportedly decide whether a court can order samsung to pay apple every penny at made from the funds at issue. let's send it over to anthony flores for sports. >> talking basketball and epic
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hornets against >> the hornets had one of those worst to first moment in the span of 48 minutes against the san antonio spurs. the buzz were up seven points in the first quarter. that's the worst in the nba season but they rallied for the second greatest comeback in franchise history. the hornets trailed trailed 20-7 after the first quarter. san antonio tipped duncan and tony parker with the drive in the bucket. the lead was 23 points and 30-7 but the hornets began to rally.
1:46 am
courtney lee coming up big after recess scoring 13 of his 17 points in the third quarter by jeremy lin scoring 15 of a the game-high 29 points in the fourth to the hornets rally from 23 to beat the spurs 91-88 to the second biggest comeback in franchise history and snaps a 10 game losing streak to san antonio. >> which started off -- we just played hard and i've been struggling so much. to come out here and get this win is huge. >> a great when and a brutal start. when the guys came off the bench particularly jeremy he obviously picked their energy up. jeremy lin was obviously terrific rays the hornets are
1:47 am
at brooklyn. the panthers front offense is getting a pat on the back for a job well done. general manager dave edelman has been named 2015 -- the award was voted by gettleman's. spread the panthers started 14-0 franchise 15 games and scored the most points in the nfl. they advanced to the super bowl for the second time in franchise history. the panthers signed free-agent safety trends and robinson a one-year contract. robinson will play special teams with the washington redskins. robinson played nine games last season before being placed on injured reserve with a hamstring injury. superman pulls away the man of steel. 77th when johnson to the flag. >> jimmie johnson won for the second in the season with an overtime victory sunday in
1:48 am
it was his 77th career checkered flag breaking a tie with the late dale earnhardt senior for seven of the all-time wins list. he passed any kamlin the kevin harvick easing his way to his sixth victory in 22 starts in fontana. >> we still get teased about when we are going to win. i've been very fortunate to win win -- and it's easy to look at trends and say next uber some time that stops for everybody. i don't know when that point is a mild but not soon. i would love to keep on going and when but you never know. see that jimmy talking about trying to catch jeff wharton do who is third all-time with 93 victories great nascar is keeping the cars in the garage for easter weekend. they are back on the track sunday april 3 at martinsville
1:49 am
the exclusive foreign engine builder for nascar since 2004 combined for more than 250 wins. last week they allow this to go under the hood at their shop in mooresville. >> i am the vp sales and my job is basically customer service for nascar sprint cup. we provide engines for every team at the nascar racetrack. the sprint cup series with 11 teams that run our engines every sunday. it's the progression of new power every week are typically would deliver two weeks in advance of the race event and give the team time to prepare the cars and all the engines. we have an extensive personnel
1:50 am
and validation that goes on in house before we roll it out to the racetrack. whether we practice for qualifying or the recession each engine has a tuner that goes with the engine to take care of it. we have had a great successful successful -- the first year of jack rauschenberg brigades march in the country led to a championship of curb worship. since then we have been very successful. >> middletown connecticut's joey logano wins the daytona 500. >> it's great to see that success. we want to win and a championship. that's the whole appraising everyday to push yourself to be better than the other team and that's our mission.
1:51 am
attractive a few weeks operating that show airs saturday april 9 from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. before the race in texas for for speedway in him i was looking for your story ideas from nascar the world of motorsports to hit me up on twitter at anthony foxx 46 we can find me on facebook and antho (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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bill: welcome back everybody.
1:54 am
freezing temperatures and spring. keep in mind it's only the second day in but it's going to be cold tomorrow morning and i would pull up as i head out. 33 for starters at 246 until 11:00 a.m.. we could warm up after that and then i came hours 5266 which sounds relatively want to keep in mind where gusty with gusts up to 20 miles an hour. the winds are planning on sticking one of the next few days into thursday the temperatures will continue to warm as we hit the mid-70s wednesday and thursday. thursday night we see rain chances starting at 20% and we'll see those rain chances stick them through monday. sunday is easter and i wanted to
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1:57 am
40% chance of rain. kayla: way of breaking news about coming in from mooresville were town commissioners were meeting to decide on a rezoning proposal for costco to be built in that area. the rezoning request was rejected by a vote of 5-1. had it passed the costco retail center would have been located off i 77 at exit 35 rate of corsican tune into "good day charlotte" starting at or 30:00 tomorrow morning for more on this story and speaking of "good day charlotte" it wakes you up every morning. he is a preview of what you can
1:58 am
next "good day charlotte." they will be talking about microchipping tomorrow so you do not lose your four-legged friend. >> spring break could be approaching and if you do not plan to trip not to worry i'm a great last-minute options you may want to consider. tomorrow i'm "good day charlotte" at 4:30.
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